Stop B: George C. Sibley House

George C. Sibley House
230 North Main St

It’s believed that George C. Sibley and his wife Mary Easton Sibley rented this property as their residence prior to establishing the Linden Wood School for girls in 1827. They later moved their residence on campus. Today Linden Wood University is known as the second oldest, higher education institution west of the Mississippi River. In 1837 the Sibley’s saved the abolitionist-publisher Elijah P. Lovejoy's life when an angry mob came to lynch him. They loaned him a horse and Lovejoy escaped from St. Charles. Later in the tour we will learn more about Major George Sibley and his contribution to the Santa Fe Trail. Our next stop is where train cars were made and shipped all over the world.

To get there, refer to your map and work your way north to Clark Street. Then turn right on Clark and walk to Riverside Drive. When you arrive, select stop "C" on the menu.

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