Stop C: Foundry Art Centre

Foundry Art Centre
520 N. Main Center

The Saint Charles Car Company was organized in 1872, and throughout the years its advancement and development was utterly phenomenal. In 1897, it covered nearly 20 acres of ground along the Missouri River. The company was later purchased by American Car & Foundry in 1899. During its heyday of railroading, the plant contributed much toward the economic stability of St. Charles, producing horse drawn streetcars, private cars for business tycoons, standard railroad coaches and boxcars. Today, part of the foundry has been converted to a unique art museum showcasing beautiful exhibits, special events and scheduled performances by the St. Charles Symphony. The second floor is filled with art studios of local artists.

Our next stop takes us back to Main Street. When you arrive at 311 N Main, select stop "D" on the menu.

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