Stop E: McKenzie Hotel

McKenzie Hotel
201 N. Main St

This was the site of the McKenzie Hotel owned by the son-in-law of Frances Oberkoetter, a prosperous shoe manufacturer who built this Italianate building in 1867. The hotel was on the second floor, not an uncommon practice in the mid to late nineteenth century. A typical newspaper ad would read, "First Class Hotel. Good accommodation to commercial men. Rates $2.00 per day".

During that time several hotels came and went for various reasons. And as rumor has it, the fate for the McKenzie Hotel was due to the hotel profits being squandered by the owner through gambling debts - forcing McKenzie to sell the building in 1894 to Henry B. Denker for $7,500. The sale price would have been higher, but McKenzie owed Denker a considerable grocery bill for the hotel restaurant. Henry Denker would later start up the St. Charles Car Company.

Our next stop is at 101 S Main. Select stop "F" on your iPod when you arrive.

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