Stop F: Market & Fish House

Market & Fish House
101 S. Main St

In 1823 this two-story building at 101 S Main was built and opened as the Market & Fish House. It contained booths for produce, a scale to weigh wagon loads of hay and other goods, outside oil lamps for lighting, a large public bulletin board for public & private notices, and wooden benches around the building. During the early years of the building, the town band played on the Market steps once a week to entertain those sitting on benches around the building. Today, it is home to the St. Charles County Historical Society. If you are interested in more historical facts of St. Charles, the building is open 10am til 3pm, Monday, Wednesday & Friday and the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month.

The next building south at 117 is the Odd Fellows Hall. This three-story structure was erected in 1878. The lower floor was used for a bank and offices, the second floor as Concert hall and the third floor used as the Odd Fellows Hall. It was later sold to Moose Lodge 1513 which during that time, Benjamin Emmons started a title company on the first floor. Emmons was responsible for recording much of the early history of St. Charles.

Continuing north to 119 S Main is the old post office built in 1909. It occupies the site of the second Courthouse which served the County between 1848 & 1904. It was a Greek style architecture with fluted columns in a Doric type portico with suppressed pillars on the side walls, conforming to the colonnade. This was also the site of the famous "Whipping Post" where men were whipped for their misdeeds. Slave auctions were also conducted here. The slave auction block, a large flat stone is now buried under the steps of the old post office. The courthouse was later moved in 1904 and is located at the corner of Jefferson St. and 2nd.

Our next stop takes us to the home of Francois Duquette. Proceed to 307 S Main. When you arrive, select Stop "G".

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