Stop G: Duquette House

Duquette House
307 S. Main St

In 1795 Francois Duquette, a French-Canadian, came to St. Charles. He established a wind mill, acquired land, and became a principal trader and merchant in the area. Before this brick house was built, the Duquette’s lived in a vertical log home. It was there they entertained Lewis & Clark in 1804 just prior to leaving on their famous expedition to chart the western frontier.

Following Francois Duquette’s death, Marie Louise, sold their log home to the church to be used as a convent. In 1825 she purchased a lot from George Collier and built this brick house adjoining his on the second floor leaving the alley below. Many of the two-story federal style building that you’ll see today were built in the 1820s.

Just a few feet away is our next stop at 337 S Main. Select stop "H" when you arrive.

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