Stop I: French Colonial Brick

French Colonial Brick
401 S. Main St

This building is a classic example of the brick version of the Colonial French style building. It sits on an earthen cellar with stone walls. The lintels above the doors and windows are flat which predate the arched lintels of later buildings on Main Street. There was no commercial district in early St. Charles. Shops and offices were located in private homes where one side was used as a residence and the other side for business.

Behind #401, is the site of the second Catholic Church in St. Charles, built by Louis Blanchette. Here you can see an exact replica of the Church as it was, when dedicated Nov. 7, 1791. In the blessing of the church, Lieutenant Governor Don Manuel Perez, with Ecclesiastical approval, gave the church a patron saint, St. Charles Borromeo. In deference to the Spanish Monarch, Carlos IV, the church was named San Carlos Borromeo. From that date, the village of Les Petite Cotes was called San Carlos. In 1803, the name was anglicized to Saint Charles. Our next stop is at 515 S Main. Select stop "J".

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