Stop J: Eckert's Tavern

Eckert's Tavern
515 S. Main St

This historical building was known as Eckert's Tavern and very popular between 1818 & 1846 with the migration of various expeditions to the west. When William Eckert purchased the tavern in 1821, the entire block was known as "Tavern Square" and was the center of town until the 1860's. In the early 1820's Missouri merchant-traders took manufactured goods to the Southwest and Mexico over an ancient passage known as the Santa Fe Trail to exchange for furs and other items available there. January 3rd 1825 Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton introduced a bill authorizing a government-paid survey of the road from the Missouri frontier to Santa Fe. They would spend $30,000 to study and improve "a highway among nations," as the Santa Fe Trail would be later known. March 16th 1825 President John Quincy Adams appointed George Champlin Sibley as survey leader. Local legend places the drafting of the Santa Fe Trail here at Eckert's Tavern. Major George C. Sibley remained a resident of St. Charles and together with his wife, Mary Easton Sibley, founded Linden Wood College in 1828 where they rest today.

Our next stop continues south at 625 S Main. When you arrive select stop "K".

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