Stop K: Newbill / McElhiney House

Newbill / McElhiney House
625 S. Main St

This large brick home is a good example of a Federal Style home. It was built in two stages, the first in 1838 by Franklin S Newbill, who was a mill owner. It was subsequently owned and enlarged to its present appearance in 1858 by Dr. William McElhiney, a prominent physician and state legislator. He was one of the messengers selected to notify Franklin Pierce of his election as the fourteenth President of the United States in 1853. Today the first floor of the house is a museum with over 1000 pieces of Haviland China. Interestingly, Haviland China dates back to 1838, the same year this house was built. If you would like to visit the museum, contact the Mother-In-Law house for guided tour.

Proceed to 707 S Main and then select stop "L".

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