Stop O: Farmer's Home Tavern

Farmer's Home Tavern
700 S. Main St

The Farmers Tavern was built in 1805. Court records list the Farmers Tavern as a very popular tavern. In an advertisement, dated 1821, we learn that J. J. Dozier was the owner of this tavern, and to quote the advertisement, it read; "I invite the Legislators to board at my Farmerís Tavern. Lodging, 2 bits a night. I specialize in good food. Corn Bread and Common fixings 2 bits a meal. White bread with Chicken Fixings 3 bits." It was operated as a tavern until Prohibition. There are also several ghost stories associated with this historical building. The former owner tells this story... (Abbreviated story by John Dengler)

Our next stop is behind the Farmer's Home Tavern. Just follow the brick path to the river or Riverside Drive. Before crossing the street, select stop "P" to continue the tour.

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