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Lewis & Clark
Riverside Dr

The park area next to the Missouri River is known as "Frontier Park". The large monument is a memorial to the explorers Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark along with Seaman, their Newfoundland dog. The monument stands fourteen feet high and serves as a reminder of the greatest expedition in our American history. Capt. Wm. Clark wrote in his journal May 16th 1804 the following. "We arrived at St. Charles at 12 O’clock. A number of spectators flocked to the bank to see the party...those people appear polite and harmonious." The Corps of Discovery’s encampment was here on the banks of the Missouri while the men prepared for their journey and acquired necessary provisions for the expedition. At a half past three on May 21, 1804, the keelboat of Lewis and Clark left the shores of St. Charles for a rendezvous with destiny. Their mission: To chart a northwest passage across the vast continent, explore new territory and meet the people who lived there.

If you look off to your right there is a small bridge that will take you to Bishops Landing. There you can learn more about this famous adventure at the Lewis & Clark Boathouse and Nature Center. This museum is filled with artifacts and exhibits depicting the journey of Lewis & Clark. You can also see a full scale replica of the Keelboat used by the Corps of Discovery.

Each year in May, St. Charles celebrates the Lewis & Clark Heritage Days festival with a host of activities and food including an authentic reenactment of Lewis & Clark’s encampment.

To get to our next stop, you need to backtrack back to S. Main Street and head north to 500 S. Main. Select stop "Q" when you arrive.

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