Stop Q: Mother-In-Law House

Mother-In-Law House
500 S. Main St

This house was built in 1880 by Francis X. Kremer, the owner of a large flour mill. He had arrived in St. Charles in 1853. The cottage type architecture is beautiful in its detail. Note the arched double windows on the second floor, and the very ornate portico. This is believed to be the first double house built in St. Charles and is known as the Mother-in-law house. Local lore indicated that Mrs. Kremer was homesick for her mother, so her husband built this double house, both sides exactly alike. One side was for his family and the other for his mother-in-law. He furnished both alike and then sent for his mother-in-law.

To get to the last stop on the tour, continue north to 318 S Main. When you arrive, select stop "R".

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