Stop R: Stone Row

Stone Row
318-330 S. Main St

Thomas Lindsey of South Carolina came to St. Charles in 1815. In 1816 he purchased 250 feet on Main Street with a dwelling house and other buildings. Over the next 10-15 years he built Stone Row. The stone was probably quarried and hand cut on the property. This is a most unusual piece of architecture as there are no divisions between the houses. The stone chimneys were joined for added support. What is now No. 322 S Main was then a stone arch with a twenty foot driveway to the boat landing. The arch was replaced by the brick building about 1856. The original archway connected 316 with 324 which was used as the first state penitentiary or state jail from 1821 to 1826 when St. Charles was the first state capitol of Missouri. Originally, these buildings faced the river. In 1826, No. 330 was the St. Charles Post Office.

Another example of a hand cut stone home is just north at 301 S. Main. This three story home was built in 1855. The dated cornerstone is over the north front door of the second floor porch. The first floor was used for business and the upper floors used for living quarters.

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